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New zero waste products!

New in store: Reusable sandwich wrap!!! The reusable, convenient, zero waste sandwich wrap is here! Environmentally friendly and convenient. You can pack any size or quantity sandwich(es) and/or fruit in these wraps. They measure 50×30 cm and close with velcro. The inside plastic can be wiped with a damp cloth. When necessary they can be machine washed. Also available in organic fabric of course. Convenient, reusable, environmentally friendly & zero waste. You will no longer need plastic or aluminium wrap for your lunch. I have featured a large selection of fabrics on my website but I have many more available, if looking for a specific design or colour just let me know!!! They can be ordered with or without name. With name is ever so handy at school or the office and it makes a fun zero waste gift too. I offer these in 100% cotton fabric or 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, choice is yours! I include a few photos of course.

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