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Mascarillas de tela para niños

He hecho mascarillas de tela para niños en diseños muy divertidos!!! Spiderman, Harry Potter, arcoíris y muuuucho más. En oferta especial sólo para los vecinos de Fuengirola. 5 mascarillas a elegir para sólo 17,50€. Contacta conmigo directo para preguntas o para hacer tu pedido.

Tengo 2 modelos distintos: el modelo harmónica con elástico detrás las orejas y el modelo pico con elásticos detrás la cabeza (aunque este modelo también se puede pedir con elástico detrás las orejas). Las 2 son 2 capas de algodón de lo cual el forro es algodón ecológico.

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Face masks now compulsory! Fabric, reusable face masks, also children´s size in lovely designs.

News came out that face masks are now compulsory in the UK, Spain and many other countries and regions. It is important that we have a comfortable and reusable mask. Environmental friendly and more economical for us.

I use a double layer of cotton fabric, breathable and in lovely and cute designs. Furthermore the ear loops are a soft and stretchy elastic, especially for face masks. I have an adult size and a kids size, face masks for the whole family!!! Contact me for any specific wishes!! Discounts apply for buying more than 3 masks.

I package all my orders without plastic and eco friendly.

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Mascarillas de tela

Ahora están disponibles las mascarillas de tela, hecho a mano, con doble tela de algodón. Tengo mascarillas normales y las con espacio para filtro. Las 2 tengo también en talla para niños en telas divertidas además. Ambas se puede lavar en lavadora y reusar.

Para comprar pincha aqui:

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Face masks now available!

As I understand there is a need for face masks at the moment, so I have decided to make fabric face masks for a very reasonable price. A fabric face mask is more comfortable and more economical than the one use face masks. The face masks I make have an insert for a filter, this could be a piece of kitchen paper, oven paper or vacuum cleaner bag. The masks ties with laces on the back of your head, making it a good fit for everyone and more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time. After using the mask, you can throw out the filter (or wash depending what you choose to use) and simply wash the mask and reuse!

I make them in fun designs and colors. If you don´t see any you like let me know what you are looking for!!

I have also made a smaller size for children, because the adult one was too big for my daughters. Of course also in fun designs!!!

If you wish to order more than 3 masks, please contact me, discount applies of course!

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New bib in store!! BEES

Lovely new bib in store! This bib is made with a beautiful quality half linen, 50% cotton, 50% linen. A strong, durable and natural fabric, no ironing needed!! I have just listed it in my store, buy it here:

It is available in small (6-12 months) and large (1-3 year) size of course. These long sleeve bibs can also be used as painting aprons for arts and crafts. I can offer them with name embroidery so they´d make a fun gift and I can add a pocket to catch any food. If you have any specific wishes do contact me! Bees, fun for boy and girl, gender neutral!

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Black Friday Sales have started!

I have started with the biggest sale of the year! Black Friday is here and sales have started. My whole store is 15% off, take advantage now! Even all the new collections are included. Let me know if you wish to add a pocket or if you have any specific wishes. Discount code is BLACKNOVEMBER19.

Discount applies for minimum amount of 20€ and not valid in outlet.

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Cat & Mouse, best bib in the house

This is my newest bib, another animal themed fabric. Although this fabric is thicker and heavier than any other I have, making it not only my most fun bib, but also my best bib EVER!!!! I love this fabric, quality wise and design wise. It´s gorgeous! I just listed it in my webshop, don´t be shy, have a look there is plenty more, or feel free to order a Cat & Mouse bib right away!

These is the best design long sleeve bib you will find. I make all my bibs with canvas cotton, absorbent yet comfortable for baby. I am happy to include name embroidery, a pouch or a little extra length. Let me know your wishes!!!

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Animal bibs – long sleeve bibs – new collection!

I have just published another new collection for this winter. This collection is themed animals and we have sheep, dogs and chickens. Are these not a lot of fun for boy and girl! I love them, which one is your favourite? Just like all my bibs they are made with canvas cotton and I add extra reinforcement on the chest to make sure clothing is very well protected. I have a small size (6-12 months) and a large size (1-3 years). These long sleeve apron can also be used as a painting apron for fun arts and crafts. I have a an extra large size for older children (3-6 years).

I add photos for you and of course you can order them now in my shop.

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Autumn & Winter collection now available!

My new Autumn & Winter collection is now available!!! I have chosen 2 different types of 100% canvas cotton in black & white. A black and white collection was surely missing in store, I hope you like them. Let me know what you think!

Like all my bibs these are made of a thick canvas cotton, absorbent and easy to wash. These bibs last very long. I offer a small (6-12 months) and large (1-3 years) size. The larger size can also be used as a painting apron for doing crafts at home or at school. And if you use these bibs at nursery or school order them with name, how handy!!

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New bibs in store!!

I have just finished these lovely new long sleeve bibs. I have chosen a cotton waffle fabric and I am so happy with the results. The fabric is very soft and flexible to the touch yet due to it´s waffle structure very absorbent. This bib will be comfortable to wear for you little one and clothing will be very well protected!!! I only have them available in small size (6-12 months) in 3 neutral and soft colours.

It´s a 100% cotton and I only have limited availability at the moment. I am hoping to find an organic waffle fabric for the future. What do you think?? Organic fabric would still be better right? Let me know what you think.

If you would like to purchase this bib, please enter here:

I am currently working on new winter collection and it should be coming out at the end of the month!!! Stay tuned, give me a follow on Instagram: @zababuboutique , I will also be organising another giveaway in September.